Monday, 2 August 2010

A woman's work is never done.

Part 1 
Monday morning blues

Such a lot of washing to do every Monday, it's no wonder my hands are so dry and sore.
I shall rub some Snowfire in - that should do the trick.  My mother used to swear by it.

And once the clothes are dry, there's still all that starching, ironing and goffering to do!

Is it my imagination, or is it only me and Mrs. Tiggywinkle who goffer these days?
Do YOU goffer? 

If only I could fast forward a few decades, they're bound to have a lot more choice in the 1950s!


Ah, that will make life easier!
Wearing these will save my hands too.

And to make everything so much quicker, what I really, really want is......

One of those new fangled washing machines with a combined mangle!  Bliss! 
Oh, and her pinny, and her curtains.

I hope your wash days are a lot less stressful!