Sunday, 4 September 2011

The amazing Cranbrook Allotments

I had to walk past this site on my way to the Kitsch and Stitch Fair, and on my return I popped in and found this little gem in a delightful setting.

The central and dividing paths were all closely mown grass

The standard of cultivation was very professional and worthy of inclusion in Gardener’s World!

Lots of quirky touches that made you smile!

Some of the squashes and pumpkins ripening in the sun.

The allotment holders are very friendly!

But on my way out, when I closed the gate (which was open when I came in) I saw this …

Oh Lordy - I'd been trespassing!


Mad Lizzie said...

like the lady scarecrow in the deckchair !

Mad Lizzie said...

o bugger this, I cant work out how to do it...